Dent Technician Training

In introducing the PDR process to the automotive market together with the name “dentmen” and a few years later, “dent technician” replaced “dentmen”, which is still used today. These dent technicians are trained individuals with the skill to practice this dent removal process. Many of South African dent technicians are employed internationally and are well recognised.

The DTA is a body that will grade all dent technicians so that all dent technicians accredited to DTA will be of the same calibre. This will give employees and the insurance companies comfort in knowing that if a dent technician has been trained through and accredited through the DTA, the dent technician has a superior standard of workmanship. All dent technicians that are members of the DTA, will be graded by the DTA into A, B and C Grade dent technicians which will include the three level of skill, namely dent removal, stripping and assembling. In order to qualify for an A Grade, the dent technician will need to demonstrate that he/she is capable of successfully repairing a sever hail damage vehicle to an acceptable standard. Upon successful completion of training and/or grading, the dent technician will be issued with a technician certificate, which will be recognised both locally and internationally.

New training programs will be introduced through the DTA from time to time, when deemed necessary, together with sourcing the best methods and equipment to be utilised.

DTA is a body consisting of experienced technicians that have a passion for the automotive repair industry and are competent and honest individuals.